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The Pandemic and city formation

Capital flow is moving Australia’s way – strongly. What’s the bet that well-managed cities are the winner in the aftermath of Covid? As the impact of Covid-19 advances are the…

On movements and shake ups

悦博体育赌场News from the front desk: Could it be the instability caused by this strange time that’s seen so many changes of the guard at the top end of businesses and organisations and some surprising road-to-Damascus type conversions from the most unlikely places?

How hard will it be to find new jobs for coal miners?

悦博体育赌场Last week, The Australia Institute released a report that investigated the challenges and opportunities of getting out of coal. This included casting a critical eye on the apparent abundance of employment opportunities afforded by the coal mining sector – a factor that’s frequently cited as a reason to keep the industry afloat.

Here come the robots, but are we ready?

悦博体育赌场Building technology has come a long way. There are now robots that can put a wall panel together – put the plasterboard in place, nail it down and cut off protruding bits – based on a digital plan of the panel, all without human intervention.

We want a green recovery and we want it now!

悦博体育赌场Around 70 per cent of Australians expect the government to put the environment centre stage in its pandemic recovery, according to a new Ipsos survey, reflecting the significant media coverage of this idea.

Our podcast, How to Build a Better World: Peter Newman

悦博体育赌场Listen to The Fifth Estate’s first podcast series, with new episodes released regularly. Our managing editor Tina Perinotto has taken to the mic to chat to the people on the…