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  In the eye of the storm, great things are possible

悦博体育赌场Recovery investment in green infrastructure, education and training, R+D into clean tech and agriculture, and real investment into renewable energy would certainly herald a new policy position on action on…

Alan Pears: Submission on the federal government’s Technology Investment Roadmap

The Technology Investment Roadmap discussion paper provides a useful review of a range of technologies that could contribute to management of Australia’s climate impact. But this is just one (important) element of the actions required for Australia to build a successful clean energy-based economy.

The Planners Declare movement is here

悦博体育赌场Australian planners have declared a climate and biodiversity emergency.

Gas is not the solution for our clean energy future

Say it with me: gas is not a transition fuel. COVID-19 could be the trigger for the much-needed step change in our clean energy transition. But the Morrison government has…

The electricity market is about to turn upside down – in a good way

悦博体育赌场On 31 August 2018, three public advocacy groups wrote to the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) asking it to change the rules governing how the Australian electricity market works. Their request? Allow consumers to be paid for electricity they avoid using.

Investing in needs-based housing? How about getting the sustainability right?

悦博体育赌场The Victorian government has announced one of the largest investment in social and needs-based housing since the Global Financial Crisis. It’s important that providers integrate sustainability benchmarking across their operations…

Taxing the voter to keep the candles – a thoroughly mesmerising government

The government’s new approach to climate change is simply mesmerising. Thankfully you’re no longer paying attention. Gaze intently upon this swinging spoon. Wish…woosh…wish…woosh. “Technology not taxes”, “technology not taxes”. Wish…woosh…wish…woosh.…

Kevin Rdd

Letter to the editor from former Australian PM Kevin Rudd

Dear editor Re: On myopic split systems thinking – and environmentalism’s struggle with racism I’m glad to see you’ve acknowledged the Liberal Party’s fraudulent claims about my government’s Energy Efficient…

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