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illustration Hands with green plant and people for nature help

7 ways to rebuild Australian resilience

悦博体育赌场The flipside of crisis is opportunity. The past six months have seen two extraordinary stressor events play out across Australia with devastating impacts – the eastern Australian drought and bushfires,…

abandoned gas station

On so many ways to not waste a good crisis

悦博体育赌场News from the front desk No 478: There’s no shortage of optimistic commentary coming out urging us not to waste this crisis. Suddenly, we have hours to kill in self…

Why our driest state leads the way on water

OXYGEN FILES: South Australian Water is collaborating with Sydney Water, researchers and the NSW Smart Sensing Network on water saving technologies. Funny that the driest place in the country, South Australia, is pretty savvy on H2O.

Sign advising of reclaimed irrigation water in use

Perth faces a drought of action over water use

悦博体育赌场Perth’s water managers have declared that the city will be a leading “waterwise” city by 2030 but there is a lot of work to do to reach that goal, given that Perth has the second-highest per capita water consumption of any Australian capital city.

Facing the fires – a personal experience

悦博体育赌场As the fires were still raging in the NSW south coast architect and urbanist Don Albert had first-hand view of two shattered communities when he heeded the invitation to tourists to come to the area.